Shelf Bras

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Shelf Bras


Most shelf bras consist simply of this fabric layer (almost always cotton or spandex) with an elastic band. Shelf bras of this type are most effective for slender or average-sized women with small to medium breasts. Large-breasted women may have more success with shelf bras that feature molded cups. This type of bra has been a staple in many swimsuits for decades; they are increasingly common in tank tops as well, particularly those sold at vendors that cater to larger and more buxom women. Molded-cup shelf bras provide more structure and support than the simple band type; however, because women who wear the same shirt size do not all have the same breast size, shirts with molded shelf bras should always be tried on before purchase to ensure adequate fit and coverage.

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Sexy lingerie comes in so many tempting, taunting, teasing styles. You are sure to drive your lover wild with alluring see-through lingerie and sheer lingerie. The fabrics are deliciously comfortable to your skin and enhance every feminine feature of your body. Many online stores have gorgeous sexy bras, shelf bras, bras with open tips, erotic lingerie combinations as well as fishnet body stockings and sexy thongs, sheer silky nylon stockings and so much more.

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Shelf Bras


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