Bra Under Blouse

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Bra Under Blouse


Moulded cups with graduated padding shape and enhance to give you the most feminine contour you could wish for. Smooth lines let you wear this instead of your usual T shirt bra under the thinnest-fabric blouse you own. Even getting dressed you’ll already fall in love, thanks to the gorgeous hot pink color and contrasting black straps. Those straps carry subtle Calvin Klein branding so you know you’re getting the real deal.

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One of the main stays of the sexy bra market is the shelf bra that is just plain pretty. The breasts rest on a shelf composed of an under wire and a mini cup that is similar to any bra with the top half to two- thirds removed, which leaves the breast exposed from about the nipples up. While the bra offers some support, it is not suggested for large breasted women as it does not offer sufficient support. On the other hand, it allows the breasts to be exposed, which is an essential element for any sexy bra. These shelf bras are worn under a blouse or sweater, which make the breasts appear larger and are supported to help give the woman the cleavage that she desires as it does the double duty of pushing the breasts together and upwards. This exposes the breasts in a common element of most sexy bras as showing cleavage is a major part of wearing a sexy bra.

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Bra Under Blouse


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