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Why are bras important?


Bras are important in reducing movement, producing shape and improving the appearance of a woman’s breasts. Yet, they are vital for the health of a female whilst wearing a bra. The wearing of a correctly fitted bra keeps the breasts supported in a position which can improve the posture of the individual who is wearing it, especially woman with larger, heavier breasts.

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Bras are important during increased activity such as sports, as correctly fitted bras can reduce breast tissue injury. A bra which doesn’t fit correctly can cause back problems, muscle tension and headaches.

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It is important to know that 7 out of 10 women are wearing incorrectly fitted bras. Now you have all of the information you should now be able to get the best fitting, most flattering bra to suit your body. As you know how to choose the best fitting bra you will be able to go shopping for practical knickers and bra sets or beautiful sexy lingerie sets, with confidence that it will be the best fit and will provide the required support for your breasts.

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